Making use of converging technologies to digitise and integrate processes vertically across the entire organisation, from product development and purchasing, through to manufacturing, logistics and servicing, Industry 4.0 is accelerating change across operations processes, process efficiency and quality management, and making real-time operations planning a reality. Our expert consultants and researchers working in automation understand this rapidly-shifting landscape, helping them support industrial leaders with their biggest challenge: not technology, but people.

As digital technologies are becoming a commodity, success depends on how leaders can define, lead and communicate company-wide transformation. Industry 4.0 brings new needs for STEM skills and a more diverse workforce. The competitive market for top talent makes it imperative to provide a creative approach to search, looking beyond the normal parameters of geography and sector. We are driven by the challenge of supporting change, turnaround and growth to our clients.

Our experienced, multilingual team has a strong track record helping industrial businesses transitioning into a software-and-service business model. We currently partner with some of the main automation players to redefine the new breadth of talent across the organisation, with a special focus on diversity and inclusion.

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