Our specialist team dedicated to aerospace, defence and aviation works shoulder to shoulder with clients to offer a personalized, responsive and results-oriented executive search solution.

Collaborative to the core

Our consultants act like an extension of your team, providing a single point of contact wherever you are in the world. Taking the time to develop a deep understanding of your goals, we help identify and attract the talent you need to keep pace with the rapid changes sweeping through aerospace and related industries.

Matchless diversity

Assembling a bespoke team to tackle each new assignment, we can pick consultants and researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, helping us cross boundaries to identify and engage individuals who will make a difference.

Continuous adaptation

Our experienced team combines a deep understanding of the market with the creative thinking required to look beyond like-for-like candidates. Our deep, globe-spanning networks are always an asset, as we formulate a unique approach to suit the needs of each assignment.

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